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The new collection of art that screams, "hey, I am awesome and it's ok."


Everyday life moments.

The most accepting thing we can do is accept ourselves with kindness. No one is perfect. We are all strong in our own way. The main issue we have today is not finding our inner strength and self worth in today's crazy world. My art is about capturing that moment of contentment and building on the inner strength. You can benefit from this understanding of calm & power while collecting the art prints from my own collection.

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Inspired by the textured elements of everyday life.


The artist of this images is also a web designer, app builder, and inbound marketing specialist.

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13x19 in. for Prints
Canvas Print


Extreme Close Ups


Tire Thumper, Night Stick


Loud Bass, House Music,
Deep House,
Gospel, Rap (Old School)


Sugar Free RED Bull, L-Arginine, Green & Black Tea


Kia Sedona


HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress,


Android Tablet

Experience Perfect Contentment Digital Daisy #4024

Each featured art print I sale is a Limited Edition. Meaning there is only so many prints available to purchase. The print is a canvas print. Size is 13x19in. Limited Edition Size is 24. All prints are signed & numbered.

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