What is a Limited Edition?

Limited Edition is a predefined number of items that are created and sold and never recreated again. Every item sold is given a certificate of authenticity stating the title, edition number, and signature of the artist. Which not only creates a great t-shirt but an original work of art bringing increased value to your collection over time.

NOTE: all of our T-shirts are black expect for our Daisy 4018

Pricing Schedule for our Limited Editions T-shirts

Limited Edition Size is 120 - T-Shirt price is $35 plus free shipping
Limited Edition Size is 100 - T-Shirt price is $50 plus free shipping
Limited Edition Size is 60 - T-Shirt price is $75 plus free shipping
Limited Edition Size is 44 - T-Shirt price is $100 plus free shipping
Limited Edition Size is 12 - T-Shirt price is $1000 plus shipping included with a personalized certificate.

Yes, that is correct! Only 12 items will be created and sold worldwide making them extremely valuable and high collector's items.


Artist/WedDev/Inbound Specialist

This Art Shop is a product of years of creative hard work and commitment to art and promotion. Over the years, I have started a CD Rom catalog of abstract artists that was marketed to art galleries that sold abstract artwork, and GOTR or Gallery of the Round, an art multi-media magalog. Which was part magazine and part catalog featuring 3 main artists per issue and one artist to look out for in the future. With some hard work and determination I was able to get my art magazine into 3 International Art Fairs which were Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Basel, and CIGI Beijing. Without funding I could not continue alone. Currently, I have a mobile art that will feature the work of 100 artists in 10 genres. I don't have the budget to launch the app as of yet but that will change this year. I plan to launch the app with paid advertisers before 2020. Contact me if you are an artist and want more information or if you love art and want to see new art by living working artists you can also contact me.

Let's talk about why you are here today! I have created over 300 digital painting that I will use to fuel this shopping cart with high quality t-shirts, hoodies, and posters/prints. With every purchase made will help me get closer to reaching the best professional artists with my mobile app.

My objective is to educate the public about art and the people who create it and define the term of Limited Edition and make it very clear of how wonderful the experience is when you know you own a unique piece of art which can manifest into T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Posters! Thanks, for your time & attention.


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